Our Strong Partners in World-Wide:

Compaction, Granulation/Forming, Size Reduction Systems
Screening, Sieving, and Separator Equipments
Innovative and Independent Partner for Tire Manufacturers, General Contractor
Advanced Robotics (MBR System) and Software Technologies, General Contractor
Filling Machines for PET, HDPE, Glass, and Can
Loading, Unloading, and Transport Systems for Can, Jar, Tray, and Basket
Bag transport, Palletizing and Shrink Wrapping Systems
Wide range of Warehouse Trucks, Forklifts and AGVs for different applications and user environment
Sterilization, Pasteurization, and Cuisson Sous Vide process equipment
Liquid and Viscous Products in Pouches and Stand-up Pouch Packaging Machine, PVC & Non-PVC Bag Making Machine for Injection Product
Consulting, Engineering (Hardware, Software, IT) for Logistic Systems
Heavy load Manufacturing, Transporting and Handling Systems