About us:

EKL KOREA CORPORATION has good long-term experience in the system engineering and trading business field dating back to 1985. EKL specializes in representing logistics and material handling systems as well as equipment for the chemical & pharmaceutical, food and beverage, dairy, paper, automotive and other industries. EKL is not only a marketing and sales channel, but also provides qualified technical system solutions and proper service for every single piece of equipment delivered to the customers.

We are offering you...

- Marketing and Sales
- System Engineering
- Installation and Commissioning
- Maintenance
- Customer Training
- Warranty Service
- Spare Parts

 Handling Items:

Logistics & Material Handling Systems

Consulting, Engineering (Hardware, Software, IT) for Logistic Systems
Factory Automation Computer Control System (Host, WMS)
MBR Gantry-type Robot System (TyrePick, MultiPick, HeavyPick, ReelPick, PDP, LCD, and CRT Manufacturing & Handling Robot)
Electric Monorail
, Power & Free System
AGV (Automatic Guided Vehicle) System

Stacker Crane
Conveyor System
Rail Guided Vehicle System
Shuttle System

High-Speed Light Weight
Goods Transportation System (Pneumatic Tube, Belt Conveyor, Vertical Conveying System)
ETV (Elevating Transfer Vehicle)
, TV (Transfer Vehicle) System
Heavy load Manufacturing, Transport and Handling System
Automatic Concrete Pre-cast System

Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Food, Beverage and Other Industries

Open Mouth Bag (Paper, PP Woven, PE Film, Jute) Filling Systems
Bag transport, Palletizing and Shrink Wrapping Systems
Stretch Wrapping & Hooding System
Compaction, Granulation/Forming, Size Reduction Systems
Screening, Sieving, and Separator Equipments
Liquid and Viscous Products in Pouches and Stand-up Pouch Packaging Machines
PVC & Non-PVC Bag Making Machine for Injection Products

Filling Machines for PET, HDPE, Glass, and Can
Loading, Unloading, and Transport Systems for Can, Jar, Tray, and Basket
Pick & Wrap packaging machine connected with robot technology
Batch, and Continuous Sterilizer (Retort), Pasteurizer, Cuisson Sous Vide Process Equipment
Dryer, Bio Reaction Plant

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